Arpit Agarwal

Data Science Leader

at Meta

Arpit Agarwal is a Data Science leader at Meta, where he heads data science for “workplace,” a business communication and work collaboration product. With over 13 years of experience spanning diverse industries, including fintech, shared mobility, fashion retail, insurance, and technology, Arpit has become a recognized figure in the field. His expertise covers areas such as product analytics, Revenue optimisation, Dynamic Pricing, IoT analytics, Customer retention, and Hyper Local Geo-based analytics. Prior to his role at Meta, Arpit held pivotal positions at companies like Khatabook, Zoomcar, Cartesian Consulting, Mu Sigma, and Oracle, where he has led teams of analytics and machine learning professionals.

Arpit’s educational background includes a Computer Science Engineering degree from BITS Pilani – Goa and an MBA in Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai. He is renowned for his innovative contributions, including India’s first driving scoring mechanism aimed at promoting safer driving on Indian roads, which earned his team the “Best AI project of the year in 2019” award. He is also responsible for pioneering the introduction of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system in the Indian fashion retail industry, which won him the “Best Use of Customer Insights to Enhance Customer Experience” award at India’s Customer FEST 2017

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