May 13-14, 2021 - Virtual Edition


Innovation does not simply happen. Innovation is a process, and any process requires data. The bigger, the more diverse, the more accurate, the better.
Deep technology lies at the foundation of innovation and it’s all around you—your Alexa at home, the intelligent traffic lights downtown, in the nanosatellites that keep you in a permanent state of connectedness with the people you love.
Codiax brings you the latest in deep tech, inviting technology pioneers from all around the world. The convergence of Frontier Hardware, AI, Blockchain, IoT and VR & AR can multiply their potential and reach the next step in discovering deep technology.

At Codiax, we create a prolific context for senior software engineers, data scientists, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, founders and software architects to meet with the latest developments in the industry and lay the basis of tomorrow.


Technical workshops day for developers, engineers, researchers, technical leads who want to learn more about deep tech


Conference day featuring technical talks ​by innovators from various industries where deep tech technologies play a significant role


Machine Learning
Speech recognition
Data mining
Big data
Computer vision


Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality


New space


Smart home
Smart City


Smart Contracts

Our aim is to help tech enthusiasts to enhance their comprehension of deep tech and correspondent professional skills. We connect the dots between the conceptual and the practical sides of deep tech by seeking for the best content and showcasing real-life applications.

Makers. Leaders. Innovation catalysts. Here are some of the technical experts who have helped us grow a community of future thinkers around Codiax.

Laura Kerber

Research Scientist at NASA

Lobna Karoui

Executive AI Business Leader at Fortune 500

Gema Parreno

Lead Data Scientist at Apium

Luka Postružin

VP of Data at Superbet

Emeli Dral

Co-founder and CTO at Evidently AI

Christophe Tallec

General Manager at Hello Tomorrow

Javier Fuentes Alonso

Head of Machine Learning at Uizard

Matthias Feys

CTO at ML6

Roelof Pieters

CTO and Co-Founder at Overstory

Púskás János

Senior Software Engineer at Accenture

Adria Recasens

Research Scientist at DeepMind

Costas Voliotis

Co-Founder and CTO of Code We Trust

Philipp Kandal

Head Of Engineering, Geo for Grab

Makers. Leaders. Innovation catalysts. Here are some of the technical experts who have helped us grow a community of future thinkers around Codiax.

Sander Dieleman

Research Scientist at DeepMind

Julien Simon

Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon

Victoria Albrecht

Managing Director at Springbok AI Ltd

Marek Modry

Machine Learning Engineer at CEAi

Enzo Fenoglio

Data Scientist at Cisco

Joanna Bryson

Associate Professor at the University of Bath

Mans Erlandson

CTO and Co-founder of Peltarion

Sean Holden

Senior Lecturer in ML at the University of Cambridge

However vast the world of deep tech might be, participation to Codiax 2021 is limited up to 500 attendees.

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The future is coming anyway, so we must meet it properly prepared.
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