Matthew Hazley

Principal Embedded Engineer

at Dyson

Matt is a Principal Embedded Engineer in Dyson’s cutting-edge New Product Innovation Software Team tasked with shaping the future of Dyson’s connected products.

His career journey is nothing short of an adventure. From 8-bit, bare-metal automotive firmware to high-frequency trading middleware, and even mastering the art of beer brewing robots, Matt has explored the tech universe like a true pioneer. He has spent a lot of time at Dyson working on prototyping platforms and becoming intimately familiar with BLE, but his most recent feat is as a vital contributor to Matter, the open-source connectivity standard for the smart home and IoT, which is changing the game.

What sets Matt apart is his passion for making technology simplify our lives. He envisions a world where technologists and users unite to disrupt and redefine the standards of the future, all in a spirit of openness.

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