Laura Kerber

Research Scientist at NASA

Lobna Karoui

Executive AI Business Leader at Fortune 500

Gema Parreno

Lead Data Scientist at Apium

Luka Postružin

VP of Data at Superbet

Emeli Dral

Co-founder and CTO at Evidently AI

Christophe Tallec

General Manager at Hello Tomorrow

Javier Fuentes Alonso

Head of Machine Learning at Uizard

Matthias Feys

CTO at ML6

Roelof Pieters

CTO and Co-Founder at Overstory

Púskás János

Senior Software Engineer at Accenture

Adria Recasens

Research Scientist at DeepMind

Costas Voliotis

Co-Founder and CTO of Code We Trust

Philipp Kandal

Head of Engineering, Geo for Grab

Andrei Olariu

Data Scientist at Stone Soup Technology

Radu Orghidan

VP Cognitive Computing at Endava

Calin Cristian

Data Scientist at Endava

Ana Maria Simionovici

Data Scientist at Endava

Alex Males

Co-founder & CTO at Payable Web

Santha Krishnasamy

Founder and CEO - FourFront Insights

Remus Osan

Data Scientist at G-Space