Our Event Speakers

Dr. Alexey Ershov

Vice President at IBM Watson Internet of Things

Vlad Lata

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at KONUX

Mario Alemi

Scientist at GetJenny

Sergii Kharagorgiiev

Chief Computer Vision Engineer at Starship Technologies

Kryztof Urban

Manager of Data Science Team at GumGum

Artem Pyanykh

Head of Analytics at Toptal

Robin Hayden

Head of Data Architecture at Paddy Power Betfair

Berthold Arweiler

Head of Manufacturing Applications - Smart Factory at Continental Automotive IT

Athanasios Tsanas

Lecturer in Statistical Research Methods at the University of Oxford

Dinu-Tudor Gruian

Head of Test Technologies within Central Electronic Plants at Continental Automotive Group

Fabien Bénétou

Co-Founder & CTO of LucidWeb

Virginia Dignum

Associate professor on Social Artificial Intelligence at TU Delft

Joanna Gordon

Organizer of Transform.AI and Founder of JG Consulting

Camilo Martinez

Software Development Team Lead at Booking.com

Newton Howard

Director of the MIT Synthetic Intelligence Lab / Professor at the University of Oxford

Andreas Theodorou

Lecturer at University of Bath

Fabian Ottman

Product Marketing Manager / Business Development at Continental

Catalina Butnaru

London Ambassador at City.ai

Florin Baroga

Software Developer at Macadamian

Shahar Nechmad

Co-Founder & CTO at Novus Summit & Credit Sciences

Cătălin Huzum

Software developer at Accenture

Andrei Dragan

System Engineer Innovation Responsible at Continental

Felix Crisan

Co-Founder & CTO at NETOPIA System

William Oanta

AI Department Manager at Yopeso

Philipp Kandal

Codiax Chairman & VP of Engineering at Telenav

Mihai Schiopu

R&D SW Team Leader at Continental