2023 Technical Workshops

Universal Fine-Tuning of ChatGPT through OpenAI’s Evals Framework: A Geo-Task Case Study

Discover how OpenAI’s “evals” framework enables targeted fine-tuning of ChatGPT across diverse domains. Using geospatial tasks such as automated map change as an example, this workshop will equip you with the skills to align ChatGPT for superior performance in any specialized task.

Hosts: Hannes Kruppa & Adrian Margin

Function Calling Strategies: Conversations with Your Live Data

This workshop delves into leveraging Function Calling—a powerful feature of OpenAI models such as GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo—to facilitate natural conversations with our data. Participants will explore the immense potential of connecting GPT models with live data by programmatically interacting with them, gaining insights into triggering custom operations on our end. Throughout the session, attendees will understand how to integrate OpenAI models into data workflows and obtain data-driven insights. We will imagine a data store and show how we can obtain complex information by asking for it in plain English.

Host: Adrian Caliman

Rapid Embedded Prototyping with Machine Learning

A technical presentation from Dyson’s New Product Innovation Software Team (NST) on tools and practices involved in developing high-tech prototypes using cutting-edge embedded systems technology, with a ‘hands on’ example application using Machine Learning.


  • Working programming knowledge is expected, preferably Python
  • No Machine Learning experience required


  • Laptop with built-in camera (webcam)
  • Project dependencies installed (Python 3 and specified libraries e.g. TensorFlow, OpenCV) *these requirements could be provided some time before workshop

Host: Marco Domingo

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