Bucharest, in-person edition
November 10-11, 2022

Innovation does not simply happen. Innovation is a process, and any process requires data. The bigger, the more diverse, the more accurate, the better.

Codiax brings you the latest in deep tech, inviting technology pioneers from all around the world. The convergence of Frontier Hardware, AI, Blockchain, IoT and VR&AR can multiply their potential and reach the next step in discovering deep technology.

ING Hubs Romania brings Codiax to Bucharest for the first time, creating a prolific context for tech community: senior software engineers, data scientists, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Founders and software architects to meet with the latest developments in the industry and lay the basis of tomorrow.

Come and meet us in the heart of Bucharest, an exquisite location on Calea Victoriei 174-176!

Open entrance. Register to secure your seat.

Don’t bring anything else, the coffee and good vibes are on us!

Limited to 100 attendees / session



Conference day featuring technical talks by innovators from various industries where deep tech technologies play a significant role



Coderetreat | Conway’s game of life – a full-day event, intensive practice, focusing on software development.

2022 Speakers

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Data Scientist at NVIDIA

Development Engineer at ING Hubs Romania

Expert in Advanced Computer Vision at Airbus

Chief Evangelist at Hugging Face

Feature Engineer at ING Hubs Romania

Team Lead at ING Hubs Romania

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Abstract: According to the latest State of AI report, "transformers have emerged as a general-purpose architecture for ML. Not just for Natural Language Processing, but also Speech, Computer Vision or even protein structure prediction." Indeed, the Transformer architecture has proven very efficient on a wide variety of Machine Learning tasks. But how can we keep up with the frantic pace of innovation? Do we really need expert skills to leverage these state-of-the-art models? Or is there a shorter path to creating business value in less time? In this code-level talk, we'll show you how to quickly build and deploy machine learning applications based on Transformers models. Along the way, you'll learn about the portfolio of open source and commercial Hugging Face solutions, and how they can help you deliver high-quality machine learning solutions faster than ever before. * Q&A session included

Abstract: Developing perception systems and robots capable of sensing complex environments in a scalable way is a challenging task. Relying on AI, such applications become more intelligent, flexible, and robust, but AI training requires lots of data. Data collection and annotation are time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, in order to create models able to generalize well, data needs to be diverse and balanced. With advancement in simulation tools and generative models, more and more AI practitioners in computer vision start utilizing synthetic data as a possible alternative to real data. In this session, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of synthetic data and will share a typical workflow of synthetic data creation.

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Abstract: A large portion of a Data engineer's work is spent in many organisations on integrating data from multiple sources and make it accessible and easier to analyse. These operations extend the time to market for any data product. A data fabric layer helps a Data engineer explore the data, while keeping it secure and governed. As a result, unique insights can derive from this, and the organisations can improve their relationship with customers and create new meaningful business products. This session with Oana Turbatu & Bogdan Vergelea will show you how ING unifies different data silos to provide better business support.

Abstract: At AIRBUS, we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve our manufacturing processes. Regardless of increasing production rates, ensuring quality or enabling new materials & processes, there are always new opportunities to support our operators with technology. Computer Vision allows us to bridge the gap between the digital world of what is designed and the analog world of what is manufactured on the shop floor. However, with these opportunities come challenges. To deliver the full value of visual inspection, we need to be able to provide solutions that are both scalable and adaptable. Learn how we use graphical rendering and machine learning together to solve real problems on the shop floor.

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Abstract: ”Coderetreat” is a full-day event, intensive practice, focusing on software development. Away from the pressure of ‘getting things done’, the workshop held by Alin Pandichi, Team Lead at ING Hubs Romania, will focus on developing specific aspects for building code and exploring good software development techniques. This session will introduce Conway’s Game of Life, a software problem complex enough to create rich learnings without overburdening the participants. It is a zero-player cellular automation game which can be implemented in about an hour. By repeatedly building an implementation, adding new challenges, and changing work-partners frequently, Coderetreat is a framework for developers’ continuous learning about better building software. The pattern has been adopted worldwide; learn more about it here.

Workshop prerequisites (please note that you will work in pairs, therefore it is not necessary for everyone to have a working set of tools. However, if all participants come prepared, it’s more likely to have a working programming environment/each pair:

  • laptop & power supply
  • favourite set of software development tools
  • favourite test framework(s) installed

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Why Codiax?

Our aim is to help tech enthusiasts to enhance their comprehension of deep tech and correspondent professional skills. We connect the dots between the conceptual and the practical sides of deep tech by seeking for the best content and showcasing real-life applications.


Our aim is to help tech enthusiasts to enhance their comprehension of deep tech and correspondent professional skills. We connect the dots between the conceptual and the practical sides of deep tech by seeking for the best content and showcasing real-life applications.

One Amazing Venue – ING Hubs Romania
174-176 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest